About Moi

Single girl living in Nashville who desperately wanted to be a journalist. Fell for a boy and followed him instead and as you can see, that didn’t work out. Being single and 34 is interesting. Reevaluating your life choices makes it alltogether surreal. A couple of friends think I look like Rachel Harris and she played Cooper on Notes from the Underbelly. Her character’s personality is a lot like mine so that is how the blog became Cooper’s World. Welcome!


4 responses to “About Moi

  1. Lindsay Kaempfer

    You totally do look like Rachel Harris! She is funny!

  2. Yeah, after the show aired Stacey and J and I were cracking up. The joke is they have to name their firstborn Cooper after me!

  3. So pretty much regardless of what we name our first born…you are going to call he or she Cooper. LOL.

  4. Yeah, pretty much that is what I am going to do. 🙂

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