Judging Others

We have all been there, at one time or another, we have judge someone. I try to do my best not to or to stop and think that it is their life, their choice and their consequences. It’s difficult at times and quite frankly, when you are trying to live a good life, the more opportunities come up to pull the judgemental card from your back pocket and run with it.

I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 and came across a site that basically slams the family, daily. Do I agree with taking freebies, not having a concrete relationship with your extended family, constant yelling, etc? Umm, no. As someone who has kept plenty of children in her day I find some of it difficult to watch at times. Sure, the kids are too cute and my parents watch the show and we talk about it from time to time. But their are sites out there that have become a lynch mob. As a professor told me once, there are always three sides to a story and I try to live by this little nugget daily.

Which leads me to the Duggars. . .I love children but even when I was younger I never thought of having more than two children. I grew up basically an only child since my half siblings were so much older than me. I don’t agree with homeschooling but the reality is, their family, their choice. I don’t want to tell someone that their way of living is wrong since I believe that God gets to make the judgements and only him. But I do find them refreshing, they are well behaved, their fashion choices are not modern, nor will they make the best dressed list of People but it does work for them. They don’t seem to live and die by the labels that so many of us are wrapped up in (and this is coming from a girl who loves her fashion and labels).

But the same lynch mob that goes after the Gossliens are now going after the Duggars. They dog them for having so many children, for making them do chores and for sharing their belief system with their children. We each get our start in life with our parents’ belief system. It could be a “greed is good” belief or one that is based on Biblical teachings.

My parents raised me in church, to believe in God and to be nice, caring and a responsible person. That is what the Duggars are doing just different from what my parents and many of my friends’ parents did. I am glad that my parents allowed me to ask questions, to go out in this world and see for myself the good and the bad. I appreciate that and especially since I am on the political oposite spectrum of them.

So as we all go around, reading blogs, watching tv or even just hanging out in the mall; take a moment before you start judging someone because there is more than meets the eye and the life behind closed doors is just that behind closed doors and you never know what goes on back there.


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