Gas Woes

Nashville has been a hot bed of activity this past week and it all revolves around our gas supply. I get that Hurricane Ike put a damper on the production of gasoline but what has happened around here seems kind of strange. The other week I happily fueled my car up even though I had half a tank left. I did this only because the price gouging that was happening made me realize that I might not have the money to fill up later.

I am glad I did this since the gas scare has made people act as if it was the end of the world. I kept going about my business, just driving as little as possible. I even put off hitting up Target to pick up prescriptions since that was going to be a trek.

By Friday the scare was in full force. Coworkers were all abuzz about where to find gas. Again, I must be living in my own little world because I had no clue. I knew the prices were ridiculous but I didn’t think we would run out of gas. Apparently the people convinced the sky was falling had been going everyday and filling back up, filling up their gas cans and God knows what else in order to horde gas. Also, a good portion of my coworkers have quite a trek into Nashville for work, so they actually have to fill up often. Some have resorted to car pooling (a great alternative but since I live like five miles from the office it doesn’t really work for me).

Then as I was waiting for 4pm to hit I hear a coworker stating that the City of Nashville was out of gas (guess we should all postpone any needs for police, ambulance and fire trucks). I left work thinking it can’t be this bad but as I was heading home, I got stuck in traffic (which is not normal for my ride home) and started looking at each gas station since I didn’t have anything else better to do. I passed seven gas stations on the way home, only one had gas. Ooookkkkaaaayyyy, this is really strange but again, I was still close to a full tank and had no plans to drive all over the place.

I headed out Saturday to run errands because I finally realized that I had to hit Target and the grocey. A couple of stations had gas but there were lines to even get into them. Then as I was settling on hitting Kroger since it is closet to my place I realize I can’t even get in there! Okay, what the hell is going on???? Can’t people just chill? So I opt to go to Publix which I love but was trying to save the mileage.

I had plans to stay in today, bake a little and be thankful that I don’t have to go out anywhere. As usual, since I don’t write lists when I go grocery shopping I ended up having to go out but at least it is only two blocks away. And guess what, those crazy people are still waiting for gas at Kroger!

Man, since I have over 3/4 of a tank left maybe I should have gotten in line as well. . . kidding. I have more pressing things to do, like take a nap.


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