Wookie is Well Read

This is what happens when you have time on your hands and a cat laying on you! What’s scary is he looks good in my glasses! Poor thing! I torture him on a daily basis. He turned NINE last week and I cannot tell you how much love and joy he brings me. Seriously, this cat knows how to make me smile. My parents call him the spawn of the devil but really he is just misunderstood because everyone else loves my little man.

I got my little furball when he wasn’t if six weeks old, saved him from a doomed life (I like to think of it this way) when I met him at a Business Expo my former job was holding at a local mall back home. I snatched him up because he looked just like our Louis, whom we lost six months prior. I wanted to name him Louis II but the parental unit thought it was a bit snotty. So my dad suggested Wookie, which was Louis’ nickname, well it was Wookie Woo. Yeah, my dad talks baby talk to the cats.

He used to fit in the palm of my hand but now weighs a wopping 19.2 lbs! He is my BIG little man and loves for me to cuddle with him. I got lucky with this one because my parents’ cats don’t like to cuddle at all. He is a talker, needy and all around socialable cat. He even drools!

Oh, you ask how I know how much he weighs? Well, he learned that from his momma! Oops! Didn’t mean to make him self conscious of his stature!


2 responses to “Wookie is Well Read

  1. Ok THIS picture is HILARIOUS!!! {I might have to agree with the parents on spawn of the devil–you know me and Wook go rounds—JK–guess not the devil} I can’t believe he is NINE!! Milo and Maggie are SEVEN already too—time flies!

  2. Yes time flies! And he just has issues sometimes. . .

    I can’t believe Maggie and Milo will be seven, that is kind of scary. I still love me some Maggie though, she is a cuddle bug too. I guess that is why I love my Will so much, anyone willing to cuddle with me automatically gets approval.

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