A Stranger Among Us

Drama, drama, drama and all I can say is you have to find the humor in it.

A couple of years ago a friend’s younger sister spent her summer out of town for an internship. I was quite impressed and jealous only because I wish I had those kind of opportunities years ago. While she is gone I check in with my friend, asking occasionally how it’s going. Great! She is loving it and taking advantage of the temporary city she is living in. Then I hear she has met someone online and they are going to meet up for a weekend. I was a little wary of this only because you never know who someone really is when you meet online (there’s a song in there somewhere. . . oh, nevermind Brad Paisley already took my idea!).

So they meet, get along and the next thing you know I am meeting him in our local Target after work. He seemed nice enough and I thought, well if it works for them then no worries. As time goes on, he stays in town, I learn that he is living with my friend’s mom and sister. Okay, a little weird but we are a welcoming group.

Through this time, we all get together for our little group outings and he is there. Now C is friends with all of us but she has her own group of friends and while they sometimes hang with us old folk, they don’t choose to spend all of their time with us.

We learn of his hardships, his mother passed, his stepfather didn’t like him, he was in med school. . .the list goes on. We all feel sorry for him and start to consider him as part of the family. Fast forward to when my wonderful friend S gets married last year. She opted for a destination wedding, just family with a huge party a few months down the road for her friends to attend. He ends up getting to go to the wedding because they felt bad for him and didn’t want to leave him here. I was a little hurt by this but wanted to respect my friend’s choice and just waited for the huge party.

I have my annual Christmas dinner party and invite him because, hey, he’s family and you can’t not invite family. We all have a great time and he really is this nice, funny guy. Fast forward to my Summer kick off party, he again is invited and during this time he loses his father. He hangs with the guys, they all chat and enjoy themselves. Pretty boring huh?

This summer we find out that he has a brain tumor and that chemo is not working. What a horrible tragedy! He has lost both parents within two years and he was supposed to start back at med school this fall. Surgery was not an option either. In this time he has lost his apartment, taken in by a couple of our friends and we are all trying to come up with things we can do for him to comfort him. I even volunteered to take him in when needed so he would have somewhere to stay.

It was all a lie (or at least part of it was, we may never know the truth)! His stories finally caught up with him, my friends confronted him and kicked him out. He had stolen money from others (not our friends) and the lies were catching up to him. My friends bought him a bus ticket out of town to a realatives. He changed the ticket to go to his mom’s. He sent C a sucide email, she wanted to ignore it but S and their mom said they needed to at least notify somebody. This is when they learn his mom is quite alive. He calls saying all sorts of things, that he is fine and to leave them alone. He then says if C wants to know how he is, she should call. His mom calls back the next day to find out what has been going on here. I don’t know the rest of the details and quite frankly, I don’t want to know.

What makes people do this? Especially weaving a story of dead mothers?! We welcomed him into our homes, we offered support and comfort and we were conned. I guess the moral of the story is never trust a stranger and charity is best kept to those professional organizations instead of taking it to a personal level. Which is a shame since our little group would have done anything for anyone.


3 responses to “A Stranger Among Us

  1. WHAT??!!! OMG—I cannot believe that! Poor C! That is just crazy!!

  2. Ok, so this is the friend I am thinking of. Wow! I can’t believe it. I’ve been meaning to ask you about this since you first mentioned it to confirm if I was thinking of the right person but reading your post, I now know. He may have a problem…pathological liar or maybe he just requires a lot of attention. Either way playing on the generosity and kindness of others is not cool.

  3. Yes, crazy, shocking and above all distasteful.

    Stacey, your guess is correct. Between the bf job possibility news and this news Tuesday night I didn’t think I was going to be able to pick my jaw up from the floor.

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