I Am a Slacker

But only because work has overcome every facet of my life in the past couple of weeks. The insurance industry typically is busy during the fourth quarter and thankfully I don’t have to deal with that end of it! My busy time happens at random times of the year and since I cannot plan for it, I am normally surprised when it sneaks up on me.

That being said, my big event is coming up next month and while I am somewhat ahead of the curve on my to do list, I am secretly worried that I won’t get it all done. Has anyone ever expereinced a busy time at work but find it hard to focus? If so, what do you do to combat that? I have the big event to plan, a small learning event and an office event all within a seven day period. Plus I have been slacking on my normal duties because of the events that need to be orgainized.

I talked to a friend from home the other day and found out their was a huge gas scare. Huh? Am I really out of the loop in terms of what is happening in the real world. Apparently so. . .I saw gas prices jump up about 75 cents (and that is being kind) but realised I had half a tank left and I wasn’t worried. Then I talked to my dad and started to worry about what if gas gets ridiculous? I am struggling financially (by my own actions) and then thought, well, if worse comes to worse, I guess I will be taking the bus and changing my schedule accordingly.

I had coffee with a friend Friday evening and when I was heading home decided to whip into the only station selling regular for 3.65 (man I miss the days of 79 cent gas). I had to wait for a bit and noticed that regular was out but mid grade was still 30 cents cheaper than regular everywhere else. They were refilling the gas and while it is not a good idea to get it when they are refilling (something about crap floating around more when the tanks get refilled) I got my cheap regular gas.

Saturday I made the mistake of going to the mall. I am almost out of foundation (and my skin is picky about makeup) so I hit up the Clinique counter since they were having bonus days. I opted to not get my soap since it was in the bonus and that buys me a little more time before having to buy it. I went to look for pants that I could actually wear to work since I have gained so much weight but instead bought a present for my mom for Christmas. Kind of regretting it now since mom had to say something nasty to me tonight. I had asked dad for some money for clothes (which I don’t normally do) and he said he would talk to mom. Well, I mention to mom about the pants and she says that I am 34 and need to learn how to stand on my own. Seriously? I haven’t asked for money from them in ages, don’t every think of them as my fallback and I got this comment. So I will be wearing two pairs of pants all week with tops that are snug but hey, I won’t ask for a damn thing ever again. In fact I am almost tempted to say don’t worry about presents for Christmas, I don’t want to be a burden. Sidenote, for the past four years I have been paying for their cell phones. It doesn’t cost a lot more to add them to my plan and I did it because I wanted to. I don’t throw it in their faces yet I get this little tidbit from my mom. Well, at least I am not planning on getting married because I would then get the lecture of they don’t have the money to pay for it and don’t want to anyway.

Like I said, it’s been a busy week, I actually found out that I can build a spreadsheet that can kill my computer (who knew?). I ended up taking work home with me Thursday since I needed to get it done and learned of my little gaffe. Oops.

The weekend has been filled with me doing nothing. I finally got some laundry done this evening, put some clothes up, packed my lunch for tomorrow and gotten the trash together. The bf is out town (he did go to the game like I thought he would) and I haven’t talked to him since Friday night. Not real happy about that but at this point I am just so irritated, hurt, over life in general that none of this surprises me.

I am seriously thinking of staying here for Thanksgiving; while it would probably hurt my parents feelings I am just over the judgemental stuff from my mom. She means well but she doesn’t get it. She wasn’t on her own at 34, she didn’t struggle with one salary while watching everyone else get ahead. I have held off on getting a second job but right now I am seriously thinking about doing it because I need the money and if I ever want to live somewhere other than an apartment, it is going to take two incomes. And since I am a family of one, my future depends on me getting more money flowing through so I can buy something. As much as I love my job I may need to look elsewhere once the economy picks back up.

So, welcome to my bitter, pissy world. I promise to write more funny stuff soon. I guess it has just been a hard month for me.


One response to “I Am a Slacker

  1. Sorry you are having a “not so good” time right now sister. Things will get better and will look different in a few days. Work–write a list–list list list–prioritize–prioritize—that is my mantra. At least when there is a list and you go off daydreaming it will be sitting right in front of you what needs to be done exactly when you snap to. =) BF–I think I have missed some things and need to get caught up there. Mom–girl sometimes you just gotta let sleeping dogs lie. You knew it wouldn’t be pretty and most of the time it isn’t with her. So just let be what will be. She is still your mother but expectations should be adjusted according with prior experience I’m thinking. Here’s to hoping you have a MUCH better month ahead. AND we need to get together for lunch. Maybe next week Tue???

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