Umm, Am I Supposed to Feel Sorry for Puff Daddy?

I was cruising the internet this morning, doing my daily ritual of viewing all of the sites I look at and noticed that P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, whatever he likes to be called bitching and moaning about how he is now forced to fly commercial. I feel for you Diddy, I mean, you have millions, can travel wherever you want, buy whatever you want and do whatever you feel like (including a horrible episode of My Sweet Sixteen, where his baby momma’s son turns 16 and he drops a buttload of money on the spoiled kid) but your gripe is that you now have to fly with us common folk.

I mean, I struggle to pay my bills, deal with the rising cost of gas and put off a vacation due to the economy but damn, you do have it rough. I would hate for you to have to live on my salary (gasp!) and have to make decisions like do I drive out to Radnor Lake to exercise or do I make do with what is near me in terms of exercising and saving some gas so I only have to fill up twice a month. I can understand the struggles you go through: do I buy the $50K car or the $60K car, natch.

And don’t get me started on the whole “there are no black people in Alaska and Alaska doesn’t really matter.” Damn, you are right, Alaska maybe part of the United States but it doesn’t really count. I get you and your line of thought. I guess their tax revenues and what they do bring to the table doesn’t really count. I think you should really start a petition to kick Alaska out of America. I think a lot of people would get behind it and while you are at it, I think you should have a telethon to raise money so you can fly privately again. It doesn’t matter that there are millions of people who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and just keep their heads above water. I think we could all pitch in and contribute to your luxurious lifestyle. I guess I could forgo paying my rent and car for the month, hell, I could forget about eating (I am fat, so that would help with the losing the weight issue) in order to give you about $2K.

Yeah, I feel sooooo sorry for you. Poor thing, no I must run and grab my checkbook so I can contribute to your hard life. Just one question for you: which name do you want on the check?


2 responses to “Umm, Am I Supposed to Feel Sorry for Puff Daddy?

  1. Jeeesh, laid it on tough! lol.

    Liked reading your blog!


  2. you are too funny! oh p didddy…….

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