I Finally Figured It Out!

And by IT I mean, I finally figured out how to make fried corn. People, this was a wonderful experience last night and one that I felt needed to go in the annuls of history!!! I grew up under the feet of many family members while they ran around the kitchen. Food was comfort to me and a way of making friends when I went away to college. While most people pour over the fashion and sports magazines, I pour over cook books and restaurant menus. Kind of dorky but I love reading menus, to see what a chef pairs with their main courses.

Granny is an amazing cook, while at the ripe young age of 94 she no longer cooks, I still remember several items that she cooked that I loved. One being fried corn, traditional southern food that when paired with mashed potatoes (no box crap for me) I can make a meal of that (hence the weight issues). I tried a few years ago to make it when Granny vowed not to make it again since it was a process that hurt her hands and wrists. So I thought it was no biggie to make it. Well, I failed at it and vowed I would never attempted it again.

Well, never say never because I had five ears of corn that needed to be dealt with this week and I decided to give it the ole college try one more time. This time, instead of trying it like Granny told me (which consisted of using a little bit of this and a little bit of that) I hit the internet to see what it said about the corn. I finally figured out how to do it and with minimal pain, actually succeeded! Yes! Finally I got it right and it made me smile because I hate to fail in the kitchen.

Now if I could only figure out how to make Granny’s dressing, I would be beyond thrilled but again, she never used a recipe and the only way I know how to do it is using a box of dressing and kicking it up several notches with my own improvising.


One response to “I Finally Figured It Out!

  1. oooh I love fried corn—and I know about the dressing too. My mom tries to make my grandmother’s dressing, and while yummy in its own right, still not granny’s.

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