I Needed a Laugh

Yes Rach, I was in a bit of a mood during my last post! I think I am better now though.

Thursday started out like all Thursdays, happy that I was closer to the weekend and thinking that this weekend was going to be all about me being a bump on the log. I had lunch with one of my favorite coworkers and we hit up one of our meat and threes. I enjoyed the company and the food and of course, he took my ticket away from me so I couldn’t pay for my own meal.

I get back to work, stuffed, ready for a nap but jumped back onto the task at hand. Another coworker grabbed me and said that I needed to go to Costco with her. I have on my list of things to do for the party: price and buy flat screen tv for giveaway. So I run out with her, find what I was looking for, make a mental note of price and specs so I can tell my boss.

On the ride back I start feeling ill. I replay what I had for lunch, none of which should make me feel like this and think that maybe the veggies were a little to high in grease content. One of the “great” things about not having a gallbladder is the reaction your stomach makes when food is a bit too greasy. I figured I would eat a peppermint and be over it. I sit at my desk and then start getting hot flashes, the ones you get when a stomach virus wants to camp out with you for a couple of days. I grab a Sprite Zero thinking this will settle everything, turn on my fan and try to work. A couple people check on me, I tell them I think it was my lunch, no biggie and notice I have under two hours left in the day. Thinking I can work through this and then go home and crash, I muster up some energy and start looking at my spreadsheets. The ickiness will not go away, great. I try to give myself a pep talk and then realize that things are going from bad to worse quickly. Shit, I had this twice earlier this year, I know a couple of people have had this again but I didn’t think I get it again. I run into my boss’s office and tell him I have to go, that I think I am getting ready to puke. He jokes that it could be food poisoning, not funny boss man. I get home, take care of business and try to relax.

I get up the next morning and that horrible feeling I had from the day before is still there. I tried some toast, big mistake. So I take the day off (which sucks because I have a list of things I need to do and being out doesn’t make the list get shorter). Yesterday I thought I was feeling a bit better but spent some quality time in the bathroom. I did manage some real food but paid for it dearly. This morning? Much better, more normal and will try to eat normal food again shortly to see what happens. I love my stomach, I have been sicker than ever before since getting the gallbladder out. Almost makes me think that I should have kept it and dealt with the stones escaping than this.

But I needed a laugh and last night I got the biggest one. A friend told me about watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and I thought I was going to pee in my pants. I have a hard time focusing on movies and shows since I am so conditioned to multi-tasking but I managed to actually watch this movie without banging away on the keyboard. It was so funny and Ving Rhames was so wrong he was good. I DVR’d it since I wasn’t sure if I would actually watch it.

So, if you need a laugh, watch this movie. It is fluff but sometimes you just need it and in the end Chuck and Larry do love and care about each other, just not in that way. . .


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