Bitter, Party of 1, Your Table is Now Ready

This sucks, actually it is the economy that sucks but you get the picture. I am dying for a vacation, a real one where you have to take a plane to get somewhere, stay in a hotel and eat out the whole week. I had originally planned on taking a trip to NYC this December but due to unforseen circumstances with work, I had to cancel the trip.

I could have kept the money in savings but after promising my first born to my dentist I thought it would be the right thing to do and pull that money over so I could pay the bill down. And the bad part is, the trips to dentist will be continuing for awhile and no this has nothing to do with my vanity. More like I have crappy teeth and am terrified of the dentist so I waited until I ended up with an abcessed tooth as the biggest issue.

Back to the economy; the cost of gas is killing me and I drive a 4 cylindar Civic; cost of food has increased so I have opted for crap food to save a buck and the whole thing is starting to get to me. I am all about the enviroment, saving the dolphins and polar bears but would it hurt if America became a little independent on other countries? My father raised me to never count on anyone else to take care of me. Kind of harsh sure, but it has helped me in times of trouble; I know that I can handle things on my own. Also, no one has guarantee that life is always going to be sunshine and daisies; so for me to be realistic helps me with my sanity.

My dad made a comment to me this past weekend about not getting a loan for a home a couple of years back. Well, I could get a loan, but unlike every Tom, Dick and Harry; I really thought about it and the implications of buying a home. I looked at the rate, the payment, the terms and didn’t feel comfortable with it. I would have been just another story to add to the credit crisis and after destroying my credit a couple of times I wanted to make the right decisions. Now, if we had had lenders and lendees that thought like that then we might not be in this mess to begin with. . .

And as for the airlines, go ahead; keep nickel and diming us; you will see that most “normal” people will change direction and just might decide not to travel via air. By the way, I have been buying my soda and snacks for the plane at the airport before getting on the plane; so you can keep those itty bitty peanuts and sodas for yourselves. As for luggage. . .honey let me tell you something, I can ship that shit to wherever I am going or I can pack like there is no tomorrow and get it into a carry on. Trust me, dear airlines, this is one battle that you will regret raging.

And finally, Dear Mr. President and the hopefuls for 2008. . .get your heads out of your asses, pull it together, take care of America and see that the majority of us are struggling, to the point that while a second job sounds great, the gas and energy expended to do this would not be worth it.

So there is my little rant, oops, guess I was having a hard day today. . .gotta go, they just called my name for my table.


3 responses to “Bitter, Party of 1, Your Table is Now Ready

  1. Hi,

    I’m just getting started with my new blog. Would you want to exchange links on our blog-rolls?

    BTW – I’m up to about 100 visitors per day.

  2. hmmmm did ya sit and let it fester much??? hee hee I DO agree though on ALL of it!

  3. Josh~Sure I will post your blog link and thanks for doing the same. My traffic is a bit lower but every little bit helps.

    Rach~Yes, I was a bit pissy the other day. 🙂 At least I have this blog to let my rants go to!

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