I Survived. . .

The prayers helped, let me tell you I was one nervous little girl. I got my place cleaned up Thursday night and put up any items that might cause my parents alarm or a potential lecture. I ended up waking up at 7 yesterday morning only because my body is just set to do that, which sucks. I stumbled into the kitchen and attacked the dishwasher, unloaded everything, wiped down the counters, looked at the floor and said fuck it, I am not sweeping or mopping.

I left to get gas, hit the grocery store and get my car washed since it was nasty. On the way to the grocery I called my parents to see if they had left yet. They were getting ready to, dad seemed to be dragging getting out the door. I had a little breakfast and planned on napping since I was still exhausted but then realize I had clothes that were piled up and needed to be put up. Now I had a choice; I could either hang everything up or just shove that shit into the closet. I went with the second option, I was tired and just wanted to be able to get in some kind of nap.

They finally got here and the things started off rocky. The Wookster was not happy to have guests. He was like that until they left. Oh man, it was hard because he is such a love bug and he was very unpleasant. At one point mom came out of my room and said he was in there pushing with all his might against their suitcase. Seriously, this is the cat that runs and greats everyone that comes in and wants to love. He really is a sweet cat but apparently, he wasn’t in the mood for company. Oops. . .

We head into Green Hills and I am trying to suggest places to eat. Dad and I are pretty flexible in terms of food, mom; not so much. So we get lunch and roam around the mall. This is always a pain because my mom will look at everything, go back several times to items she really likes but will not buy anything. They have the money but my mom swears they are dirt poor and it drives me crazy.

Dad is pulling his normal stunts, like making fun of the bodyguards in Tiffany and I have to keep reminding him that is not proper behavior in Green Hills. Seriously, he was being so goofy it wasn’t funny. The best is we get back to my place and I walk out to the living room. I find him sitting on the couch with one of his stupid looks, hat on sideways saying he is ready to meet bf. Panic sets in thinking that this is such a mistake to introduce them because I am convinced that this is going to be bad.

We pick up bf, I introduce them and we are off to the game. Small talk happens and my mom starts trying to pick on me; which bf encourages as we are rolling down the interstate. Thanks for the support there buddy. We park, head up to the suite and hang. All in all, it was a nice evening. Dad behaved himself, bf was cool about the whole thing and we rolled on through the evening.

I *think* they all liked each other. I guess the nice thing is I don’t go home often and my parents have been up here to visit twice in eight years, so it is not like they will be here every month. This fall I am supposed to go to a game or two with bf at his alma mater, so I will meet some of his friends then. Not sure if or when I will meet his parents. Kind of nervous about that because I have always had such bad luck in that department.

I hung out with my parents today, did a bit more shopping and then they headed back home. Nice quick trip and I got ready to hang with bf, Stacey and her hubby. We had a nice evening hanging out, talking, laughing and all that in between. I still have to go to Stacey and ask, umm, so do you think he is into me? Because I don’t read him very well and the last time I thought things were great with a guy I ended up with egg on my face.

So we all survived and I think that things are good between us. . .


2 responses to “I Survived. . .

  1. Glad you survived!

    It’s always so nice to see the parents…. and then to see them go!

  2. Oh I am so glad it went well! As well as can be expected anyway.

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