Cancer Smancer

I went to a dinner party last weekend at Sonia’s home. It was wonderful but the conversation moved onto to some heavier topics of discussion. Cancer being the biggest topic and one that has infiltrated my circle of friends. This is another part of life that doesn’t seem real. More like a really bad dream that has taken our group by storm.

A friend of ours has been diagnosed with cancer and the tumors he has are located in several spots; including a nasty little on like the shape of a star in his brain. One that they deem to dangerous to operate on since it has settled nicely onto a blood vessel. We have other friends who have various forms of cancer as well and we couldn’t help but wonder why this is happening to our friends. We are all young, in decent health and have quite a bit of life left to lead.

Is it due to our food, the yummy processed crap that saves us time? Is it the chemicals that have been dumped into our rivers from companies that didn’t see the harm in this when we were younger? We don’t have the answers but it does cause us to pause to think about everything we have done so far in our lives. I grew up in an area that didn’t think twice about dumping their chemicals in rivers, there is even a creek that I used to hop around in that makes me cringe now since so many people I know from there are battling cancer.

I have friends online that are dealing with the same issues and no one seems to have an answer for why which leads me to my next question. How do we deal with this? Do we turn the other way, stick our heads in the sand? Do we face this head on and make a complete change in how we lead our lives? It is scary to think that diseases that were once thought of as hitting the older segment have crept into our lives. It scares me to think of who will be next, how can we focus on the positive instead of the negative.

I thought our biggest challenges right now would be getting set up for life, finding a mate and God forbid, infertility but not cancer. It puts so much into perspective and part of me wants to run into bf’s arms and say screw it, let’s go for it and not be cautious since we never know what will happen in the future but then I think maybe I am getting worked up for nothing and feel silly for allowing my brain to wonder to the depths of sadness.

As of right now, I guess we should be thankful of what we have going in our lives and focus on that. Be rocks to those who have been dealt some tough blows and move forward without worrying too much.


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