Dog Days of Summer–Rambling Like There is No Tomorrow

I admit, I am more of a fan of fall and winter–football is one of the reasons for that. Plus, clothes cover the parts that you want to hide. . .this week has been interesting to say the least. I started out by telling the ex about the blog and luckily he took it well. He did want me to mention that he is a much nicer person now than back in the day. I am agreeable with that statement since he apologized three years ago about his behavior. He can still drive me crazy but that part goes back to those who know you well. Those friends are like my favorite pair of jeans, comfy, nice and forgiving when need be.

Sonia came over Tuesday evening to catch up with me since it has been forever since I have seen her. It was great talking to her and one of the first things she said to me on the phone earlier that day was, “I was feeling kind of down since hubby left and I was at mom’s. She decides to read this list of 100 Things to me and tells me she can’t believe you sent her the link to the blog!” Apparently I am funny and not right but hey, I pride myself on these traits!

We ended up talking about dating and she helped confirm my thought of dating is harder when you get older. You want to spend the night with your bf but you have to pack a large carrying case to haul over so you can get ready in the morning. Or you can get up early to tromp over to your place but it all seems like such a pain. It doesn’t matter how much you like the person, the morning ritual gets out of sorts so you end up not staying over on a school night, feel guilty about it because you think he thinks you are not interested but the reality is I have been on my own since I was 21. I have a routine and I like it. Plus, what if you get comfy in the new routine and then it is taken away from you? Silly logic I know but that is how my brain works.

I ended up going out for a pedi and drinks with Marti, aka Queen, Wednesday. It was great but I picked the wrong polish even with the Queen standing right there! So I guess I am going to have to hit my nail place this weekend for a polish change. I would do it myself but the Queen made fun of my last attempt and having her make fun of my toes is just painful! 🙂 We were agreeing with the fact that we have both been exhausted this past week. I am blaming it on the heat since that seems to be the big change around here. Plus my hair!!! I just want it slick and glossy but what do I get, kinky and frizzy. Nothing says Klassy (with a K ladies) like kinky and frizzy.

So I started to think of summers past, when I used to laze by the pool every weekend and got a little peeved. I hate my neighbors! They apparently are still living like they are in college because I am blessed to hear loud music (with my tv on, windows shut, air going) at all times of the night and day. I have come home to blaring pool parties. I even had Opera Man accuse my friends of stealing his vodka. The funny thing is, had he ever seen the inside of my apartment he would realize I am all set on the liquor and didn’t need his to entertain my friends. I don’t like going to the pool anymore because of the party animals who let their kids roam and if they so choose to rummage through your bag, no biggie! I just want to be able to get a little sun on this ridiculously pale body, listen to my IPod and read. And this is where my snobby attitude comes in, they bring their air matteresses to the pool so they can use them in the water. I guess I should be thankful that one of my old neighbors no longer lives here. He would sit in the pool with his buddies all day drinking and never getting out of the pool. One day they ended up closing the pool because the levels got out of whack, wonder how that happened?

Work has been good, busy but good. I have huge projects that I don’t think will ever get done and they all have to do with Christmas. You read that right; i am working on all things Christmas in the office along with answering questions that randomly come up. My favorite this week? Does corporate have a blog? Can I have a blog that focuses on our office and what we do? I am taking a stab here, but I am going to say no but the question is into corporate so maybe I will get confirmation next week. I am trying to behave in regards to spending, my boss never really gives me a budget and I hate that. Well I like it and I don’t like it. So I am trying to do the best work on a small budget to show that I can handle planning events and not go overboard.

Umm, yeah, summer. What I wouldn’t do to get some days of 70s and low 80s around here. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to stick my head in the freezer. . .


4 responses to “Dog Days of Summer–Rambling Like There is No Tomorrow

  1. Does idiot drunk guy really sing opera?!! =)What is that story?

  2. Picture this. The guy at the club sporting too much cologne, skin tight clubbing shirt open showing lots of chest hair. Rolls in one day in his Lexus/BMW kind of car with opera music blaring….just blaring. Since when is opera music the type you blare in your car? Is he trying to prove he has KLASS(with a K Amy). I think not. So we nicknamed him Opera Guy.

    Sorry for the hijack Amy. 🙂

  3. Wanted to drop in and say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  4. Rach~Stacey summed it up quite nicely! He is quite Klassy!

    Awh! Thanks Rita! I love yours too! Who knew the web would be a great way to keep up with your friends.

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