As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my best buddies is Eliot, he lives back in my old neck of the woods and I stomped on his heart when we were a million years younger. . .

We don’t talk as much as we should because we are both busy and I am horrible about calling. Anyway, we talked the other night and it was such a blast from the past as we insulted each other and laughed about shit that happened years ago. I told him about the blog and the 100 Things About Me to which he immediately asks me if I have a mention of When Harry Met Sally on the list. Umm, yeah. Yeah, my Elipooh knows me well and it is those kinds of friendships that I adore the most.

This is the guy that I talked to for hours on the phone all during high school. We sent cards to each other and one of these days I am going to find the damn things because they make me laugh everytime I read them. He sent me a copy of a page from the Love is Hell book by Matt Groening. It was to explain to me my relationship with Patrick. I gave him a friendship bracelet (the ones we used to make out of yarn) and in one card it mentioned that he would keep the bracelet forever and then hang it above our bed. Yeah, silly things like that.

So Eliot is this one of kind, never going to grow up, Peter Pan kind of guy and while he gave me the heartbreaking news the other night that I had grown up I still love him to death. He is the guy that knows the old me, the one that somehow got lost in translation when I went away to college. I can go without speaking to him for a year and we can still pick up where we left off as if time had stood still.

And while it did hurt that I am now a grownup I started thinking about everything I have been through and sure I miss that crazy, not a care in the world girl but I am pretty damn proud of myself today. I have my own place and car. I haven’t had a roommate since college and haven’t had to beg mom and dad for money in years. What did I trade in to have all of this? A small piece of me that flirted with abandon, that loved having all of the attention on me and being irresponsible but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I did promise him I would try to be a little less grown up if he ever comes up here for a weekend. Plus he can make me laugh at myself without being worried about what he thinks. Well, he did crack on me about eHarmony but I maintain that I never would have found someone to date had it not been for that site so I am happy with the way things have turned out. . .


2 responses to “Eliot

  1. Its awesome to still have friends that knew you “back in the day” as I like to call it. Helps you remember where you came from and they can ground you sometimes too. BUT it’s all part of life….at least part of you has to grow up sometime….ugh! =)

  2. Yeah, but don’t tell Eliot that. He is convinced that he doesn’t have to grow up. Drives me crazy!

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