Crazy Things You Learn on the Internet

There is a message board that I frequent where the drama hits the fan about every six weeks. It is normally in a section where women are asking for advice and support. And while there is quite a bit of snark, some of the advice is quite helpful and some of the situations are just sad.

In the past I have learned about cheating spouses, abuse, crazy in-laws, etc., but the one that came up last month made me start thinking that I am still very much naive. It was about open marriages and swinging. Stopped. Huh? Really? I mean, we have a swingers club in Nashville and I know that it takes all kinds but still? Someone really wants to subject their marriage to this? Why not forgo marriage and take on this lifestyle?

Yes, I must be a prude because to me, I still believe that marriage is supposed to be between two people that are committed to sharing a life together. The saddest part about this they have a child and have played with said child in the house asleep.

To top off the drama the poster had created a blog and posted it there for everyone to go and visit. I am not going to post the link but lets just say I felt like I needed a shower after reading it. It was more like a cheap adult Judy Blume book crossed with Letters to Hustler. And I have read Judy Blume books and been to the Hustler store here; which is interesting but compared to this blog it would be like going to Target.

Just another thing on the Internet that makes you shake your head and wonder what this world is coming to.


4 responses to “Crazy Things You Learn on the Internet

  1. Baa ha ha!! I haven’t read that thread but was kind a turned off by the mere mention. Guess I’m on the prude train with you!

  2. Come on it, there are plenty of seats available. I mean I am a bit of a perv but I would not do this.

  3. Ahhh the famous thread. Well, you know I’ve been there, done that and I am still in agreement with you that marriage should be between two people. Call it a phase, call it the South Beach mentality. I can’t say I see it as such a big deal, because it’s pretty out there in my town, but it won’t be happening in ANY of my future relationships-or my future marriage (if there EVER is one!)

    I just think the idea she did this while her child was in the house. WOW. I mean I can be a wild child, but that would NEVER happen on my watch!

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