Nashville and those pesky paps

I am the first to admit I read the gossip blogs but I do know that 90% of what is posted is not 100% factual. I take it with a grain of salt and thank God that at least I don’t have someone gossiping about me online (that I know of). With the influx of people I went to high school with moving here, it was bound to happen at some point that famous people would migrate here as well.

I say come on over and see what we have to offer. I like Nashville and it gives me a taste of a bigger city without making my parents stress about the crime. BUT while I think it is cool that Keith and Nicole had little Sunday here and Miley is filming her movie her I don’t welcome the paps. I like the fact that stars feel comfortable here and they are not bothered. To be honest, most of us tend to be more concerned about them getting their coffee and getting the f out of our way than seeking an autograph. Sure I have a camera phone but I doubt I would snap away and send it off to Perez Hilton’s site. But that is me.

In fact, I was at my nail place in May getting a pedi and enjoying life in general when Kellie Pickler came in to get her nails done. The employees were going nutty and they did say she was quite nice when she came in but to me, she was another girl just pampering herself.

I think the only time I have ever gotten star struck was in NYC back in ’91 and I bumped into (literally) Tom Brokaw. I was awestruck and my friends all thought I was such a dork for my reaction. What can I say, I am a news junkie and he was at the top of his game back then. I am pleased with NBC’s decision to have him fill Tim Russert’s shoes for Meet the Press. Makes me smile a little bit although I do miss seeing Tim on air; he really knew his stuff and was fair. I appreciate that.

Back to Nashville and the paps. . .the deal is I don’t want them here. Nashvillians have made it a point to welcome the famous and treat them like normal people, just don’t take too much time ordering your coffee at Starbucks, I have stuff to do.


4 responses to “Nashville and those pesky paps

  1. And then you have people like me, living here for almost 3 years and I’ve yet to see any “celebrities.”

  2. They blend in well with the rest of us regular type folks. I usually realize it is someone way after the fact. I guess we just don’t think about them being around here. Or we really are into our coffee. . .

  3. My only brush with celebrity that made me starstruck was running into Marv Levy. (Now, you are saying “who?” The former coach of the Buffalo Bills and all around good man….) I haven’t run into anyone in Philly, even with the number of movie filmed here.

  4. I agree paps go away–leave our people alone! AND I am right there with ya on the Tom Brokaw thing I would have been completely starstruck too and am glad to see him filling in for Tim although I miss Tim very much. =(

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