Dreams, Realities and Goals

I have been surfing the Internet, particularly blogs for the past couple of years. I have always said that it would be a way for me to write and if someone happens across it great but I as long as I was doing it for myself I could be happy.

I have been on LJ for several years but since it is Friends only I find myself thinking that maybe that isn’t the outlet for me in terms of just writing. I am shamelessly “borrowing” from Stephanie Klein’s blog and will be posting the 100 Things About Me because I thought her’s were funny and painted a picture of who she is as a person. I will also share with you (whoever you might be, hopefully I will have at least one person reading this) some of the blogs I read daily.

My dream is to move to NYC and become a writer. Yeah, I am a dime a dozen for that little dream but I will continue to dream that little dream. My reality is I suck at managing my money, I love to shop and work for a great company (with a great boss, really I do) but I want something more. I have a cat who rules the apartment and can make me feel quite guilty when I am not there spending time with him. My goals are simple~ I want to use this blog to write just to see if anyone is interested. Eventually I would like to be able to make a little money off of my writing and even move away from Nashville to someplace bigger.


4 responses to “Dreams, Realities and Goals

  1. YAY!!! you joined the world of blogging. I love your journal but I am so excited to NOT have to use a password. I can’t wait to see some more of your writing on here. Love ya!

  2. Yeah well, the dirty details will probably still be left over there just because. Speaking of blogging, I need to see some more pictures of my sweet little babies!!!

  3. I totally didn’t know you wanted to be a writer. Funny thing? As I was reading your LJ earlier this week, I thought to myself, “Hmm, she would make a good writer.” No lie. 🙂

  4. That is what I went to school for but never could find a job to support myself. I was over on the PR side of things but my first love was writing.

    Thanks for the compliment. Writing is the only thing that I have been good at and people have seen it (used to write a column for my church paper).

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